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Lien Jade builds JIMMY HOUSE for Stella group's late founder: Jimmy Chen.

Upon the completion of the “B House”in TungHai University in 2014, it sparked some new vitality into the campus. Three years later, Mr. Weilun Chinag, founder of Lien Jade Group Real-Estate Company which rebuilt the building, renamed it the “JIMMY House” in remembrance of an old friend; sponsoring art oil painting competition, and igniting the spark for domestic creative-art industry.
-The origin of “B House “
In an occasional opportunity back in 2014, when Mr. Weilun Chiang, founder of the Lien Jade Group Real-Estate Company visited the TungHai University campus, learned that the school had plan to reconstruct the an old building called the B House in hopes to promote the eco-friendly green movement for the university. Mr. Chinag voluntarily took the project into his own hands and invited famous designer Guan ChuanYong and architect Chang TeChung to participate in the case together. Upon several design meetings with engineers to develop the blueprint for the renovation, the renovated B House not only retained its original structure, but also elegantly created better space and natural lighting in establishing a comfortable environment. An outdoor balcony is also available for teachers and students to enjoy the sunshine and breeze over a cup of coffee while appreciating the most beautiful gifts of nature.

-Rebirth of “JIMMY HOUSE”
Jimmy Chen, founder of Jiu Xing(Stella) Holdings, a well-known Taiwan-funded enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since July 2007. The company is the leader of the global shoe manufacturing at its finest with own brands such as Stella Luna. Jimmy was a notable alumni graduated from TungHai University, a true pioneer of his time with dedication and creativity to his passion.
A close, late friend of Mr. Chinag, this year Lien Jade Group, together with the university held a Creative Design and Art “oil painting” campaign at the renamed “JIMMY House”to encourage domestic art creation; with its award ceremony to be held at the honoring of 10th anniversary of Jimmy Chen's passing on November 18.

- Spreading the Art seed and let it sprout!
"JIMMY House" is positioned as an interactive learning space associated with "creativity, innovation and design" as its main dedication. Workshops, exhibitions, and community learning classes will be held in the building all year to not only recognize Jimmy's philosophy of focusing on aesthetic innovation, but to also lift up those creative talents waiting to be discovered in the world stage.